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Designer bus stop of European standard: Foster, Cox, Stern


Free standing illuminated city panels of European standard – MUPI

WORLD WIDE EXPERIENCE. Package advertising.

Bus shelters and MUPI Citilight are mixed together into packages, which insure effective coverage of Almaty or Astana. One standart package includes:

  • Almaty – 60 advertising face
  • Astana – 40 advertising face



Dynamics attracts additional attention to advertising message and extends the contact, therefore increases efficiency and grows ad recognition.



Flagpoles – citylight panels set at flagpoles provide a brand with opportunity of placing ad at the major streets with the highest traffic. Flagpoles installed on borderlines allow prevailing and reaching drivers and pedestrians coming from all sides. Presented exclusively in Astana.



Scrolling  Mupi

 Linear placement on 5 Mupi in one of the most passable places of Almaty - on TSUM. Scroller mechanism attracts attention 2 times more than static placement. 


Non-standard, creative design attracts additional attention. 


The synchronous occurrence postrow on near-located seniors.