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Citilight  – multifunctional street furniture with advertising space of 2 square meters (1,19m x 1,75m). Could be either free standing or integrated with bus shelters.

Designer bus shelters of European standard: Foster, Cox, Stern


MUPI are free standing illuminated city panels of European standard.

WORLD WIDE EXPERIENCE. Package advertising.

Bus shelters, MUPI Citilight and Flagpole are mixed together into packages, which insure effective coverage of Almaty or Astana. One standart package includes:

  • Almaty – 80 advertising surfaces
  • Astana – 50 advertising surfaces


Seniors are freestanding backlit panels with scrolling faces, advertising space (3,14m x 2,3m)

Dynamics attracts additional attention to advertising message and extends the contact, therefore increases efficiency and grows ad recognition.

Digital Seniors

The peculiarity of Digital displays can be described in one phrase: the right message, in the right place, at the right time.

One of the main differences between digital displays and the usual billboards and city boards is the ability to remotely control content, showing the audience the right message at the right time.


Use the following tools to increase  the efficiency of your placement.

Scrolling  Mupi

Linear placement on 5 Mupi in one of the most passable places of Almaty - on TSUM. Scroller mechanism attracts attention 2 times more than static placement.  


Non-standard, creative design attracts additional attention. 


Placement of two posters on one Senior. This tool allows you to solve the problem of too much text by placing one poster in Kazakh language and the other one in Russian.


The synchronous occurrence postrow on near-located Seniors.