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RTSDecaux is actively working to meet sustainability goals, including reducing our carbon footprint. The annual purchase of green energy (renewable sources) helps offset the company's energy consumption in full.


зеленый сертификат 100% экологичной энергии ртс деко
спец автомобили ртс деко на газу бело-голубого цвета на фоне цветущего дерева на базе

In order to reduce CO2 emissions, we switched the company's fleet to more environmentally friendly fuels: natural gas (LPG) and electricity. Also, all employees are trained in energy efficient driving.

What does eco driving include?

  • Timely car maintanance,
  • Regular tire pressure checks (under-inflated tires consume more fuel),
  • Route optimization,
  • Decreased idle speed,
  • Smooth driving (harsh acceleration and braking increase fuel consumption),
  • Limiting the use of air conditioning and heating.