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10 YEARS- it's just beginning!
Today is a special day for the company" RTSDecaux "– our company celebrates 10 years since the establishment of the Kazakh-French company"RTSDecaux".

In December 2007, the first stop complex designed by Robert stern was installed in Almaty. Stern is an architect with a worldwide reputation, whose projects always get the status of a premium class. He owns projects around the globe — from new York to Tokyo. The first design of the European standard was established for the Independence Day of Kazakhstan-this day was the starting point for the implementation of a large-scale project for the installation and operation of street furniture in Astana and Almaty.

For 10 years, our company has been working on the street infrastructure of the two main cities of Kazakhstan, improving the appearance of each city and investing in non-commodity sectors of the economy.
And what does this round date mean for us?
10 years - is more than 1000 elements of street furniture
10 years -is 3653 days in total, where every day a large team of "RTSDecaux" worked on the quality and service that is today, and continues to improve.
10 years - is more than 400 satisfied and loyal partners
10 years -is a lot of memories of difficult, but incredibly happy moments
10 years- is more than 60 specialists who form a close-knit team "RTSDecaux»
There are more works ahead, more peaks, and we say with confidence that 10 years is just the beginning!

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