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Out of Home + Digital

What is OOH + Digital from RTS Decaux?

These are WiFi installations that enable us to cover both traffic on foot and in-car traffic. This product will collect MAC addresses from all devices, smartphones, tablets, etc. In the digital era, we all use electronic devices daily and everywhere. This allows us to collect data from passing customers.

The platform allows us to collect data and segment it in qualitative and quantitative terms. The necessary data is easily uploaded to the already familiar advertising platforms Yandex, MyTarget. And thanks to bid request technologies, it is now possible to collect and work with data of Google users and their partners.

Therefore, everyone who passes by your advertising will see it on their smartphone after a while. There is more to it than this!

We can:
- Customize the broadcast of your ad campaign exactly to those people who were near your ad;
- Determine a behavioral profile of the real audience;
- Find people who have similar interests and preferences.

We do not offer a database of potential clients, we offer outdoor advertising, accompanied by an e-Format, which will definitely reach your client.

Now you have a unique opportunity to become exactly the brand that potential customers will consider the most technological!

Call us and we will tell you everything. 

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