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"RTS Decaux" on community work days in Almaty
On April 11, 2015, a city-wide clean-up was held in Almaty.
During the clean-up was sanitary cleaning of streets, yards, parks and squares, riverbeds, juniper networks and reservoirs. In addition to measures for sanitary cleaning of the city and improvement, works were carried out to improve the aesthetic appearance of the city – whitewashing of trees, painting of fences, turnstiles, supports, benches and urns.
This year the company "RTS Deco" has taken an innovative approach to the way of its participation in the citywide clean-up. This time, the company abandoned the principle of " My only near myself "and decided to link such a major social event with the basic concept of" RTS Deco", namely – to be socially useful for the residents of the city.
At the General meeting of the Company, a unanimous decision was made on the mass washing of street furniture, which the Company provides to the city of Almaty, by the efforts of all available staff – from accountants and sales managers to the company's executives.
In total, on Saturday, April 11, the company's Employees washed more than 100 bus Shelters and advertising structures of the Mupi located on the main highways of Almaty.
By the way, the quality of service and cleanliness of outdoor furniture has always been one of the main values of both the company "RTS Deco" and the company JCDecaux, the world leader in outdoor advertising. It is no accident that in each of the more than 60 countries of the world where JCDecaux operates, there is an immutable tradition that every new employee starts working in the company with a training from the technical service, in which he washes stops and advertising structures.
The introduction of the world technologies and international experience of advertising structures service on the Kazakhstan market allowed to increase the level of service of RTS Deco clients and to provide services that meet international standards

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